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Virtual Worship Sunday 5/3/2020, Plus a Note About In-Person Gatherings

Dear Church Family,

     We have the blessing of gathering together again tomorrow morning - still virtually - to worship our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  No matter what else is going on, His victory over sin and death remains, and He is still gathering a people for Himself who will sing His praises and enjoy His gracious salvation for eternity.  We get to participate in that every day, but especially on Sundays.
     With the news this week that some of the restrictions in Mercer County are going to be lifted starting next Friday, the session has discussed what that means for the church.  Since gatherings are still going to be limited to 25 people, that means we won’t be resuming in-person corporate worship services for at least the next month.  However, it does seem likely that some small groups may be able to resume meeting in person or in a hybrid in-person/virtual mix.  We’ll have more details emerging as time goes on.  
     Deciding whether and when to resume gathering in smaller groups is not an easy question.  Different families have different needs, and being legally able to do something has never meant that it was wise for everyone to do it.  That being said, I think one of the consistent refrains we have heard coming out of this lockdown is that real, embodied community is important.  God made us as both physical and spiritual beings, and when one of those methods of communing with one another is cut off, it is hard for all of us.  Of course, in the interest of wanting to continue to be able to meet together physically, we have to be sure that we can do so safely, so that we don’t unintentionally injure people we love or contribute to a second outbreak that would put us back on the “red” restrictions imposed by our governor. 
     All that is to say that while there are no clear and easy answers right now as to what any individual or family should do, we hope to have opportunities in the near future for those who are able, healthy, and comfortable gathering in-person in smaller groups for fellowship, encouragement, and even community outreach.  I am also glad to be available to discuss with you what Biblical wisdom might look like in the case of your particular situation.
     For the details for tomorrow's worship service, please email me at pastor@christgrovecity.org.
I look forward to worshiping with you tomorrow morning!
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