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Beginning in February 2021, the session will be receiving nominations for the office of elder or deacon. Your participation in this process is important since elders and deacons must be gifted by Christ for office (Ephesians 4:7-12), recognized by the congregation as being so gifted (Acts 6:1-6), elected by congregational vote (Acts 14:23) and then ordained by the elders of the church (Acts 6:6). Please do not nominate a man simply because you feel we need officers. We are looking for those men God has equipped to shepherd and serve his church however many that may be. Any single nomination will be taken seriously, but we expect that gifted men will be recognized by many in our congregation.


Remember that elders are primarily called to shepherd our church, while deacons are primarily called to lead the church in mercy. The gifts required for these two offices are different, but many of the qualifications are the same. Those qualifications are laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.


To nominate an individual download a copy of the nomination form


Instructions for submitting completed nomination forms are included on the form, as well as information about the subsequent process of training, assessment, election, ordination and installation.


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