12/5/2023Rev. Seob KimTrust Me. You Don't Want This!Galatians 5:2-12DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
11/26/2023Mr. Rob RameyChrist-Centered Shepherds and SheepActs 20:17-38Download
11/19/2023Rev. Bob SchmitbergerWorthy of All ThanksPsalm 136Download
11/12/2023Rev. Seob KimThe Two Women and the Two ChildrenGalatians 4:21-5:1DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
11/5/2023Rev. Seob KimBack At Square OneGalatians 4:8-20DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
10/29/2023Dr. T. David GordonThe Father's Gift to the SonJohn 6:35-40Download
10/22/2023Mr. Nick HaushalterFaith and Unbelief (Recording Unavailable)John 6:66-71Download
10/15/2023Rev. Seob KimThe Time Has Come! (Recording Unavailable)Galatians 4:1-7DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
10/8/2023Rev. Seob KimThree Uses of the LawGal. 3:19-29DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
10/1/2023Rev. Seob KimWhat Do You Expect from the Law?Gal.3:1-18DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
9/24/2023Rev. Seob KimThe Heart of the GospelGalatians 2:11-21DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
9/17/2023Rev. Seob KimHow Can You Be So Sure, Paul?!?Galatians 1:10-2:10DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
9/10/2023Rev. Seob KimWhat in the World Is Happening There?Galatians 1:6-9DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
9/3/2023Rev. Seob KimRead and Accept This Letter!Galatians 1:1-5DownloadGalatians Sermon Series
8/27/2023Rev. Seob KimWhy Churches Can Expect Bright TomorrowsActs 9:31DownloadActs Sermon Series
8/20/2023Rev. Seob KimHow the Persecutor became the Persecuted (2)Acts 9:26-30DownloadActs Sermon Series
8/13/2023Rev. Seob KimHow the Persector of the Church became the Persecuted for the Church (1)Acts 9:20-25 (Recording Unavailable)DownloadActs Sermon Series
8/6/2023Rev. Seob KimWhy Should I Share the Gospel with Him/Her?Acts 9:10-19DownloadActs Sermon Series
7/30/2023Rev. Seob KimWhen God Subdues a BeastActs 9:1-10DownloadActs Sermon Series
7/23/2023Rev. Seob KimPhillip and the Ethiopian EunuchActs 8:26-40DownloadActs Sermon Series
7/16/2023Rob RameyLike Sheep Without a ShepherdMark 6:30-44Download
6/4/2023Rev. Seob KimThe Anatomy of Christian WorshipPalm 150DownloadWisdom Literature Series
5/21/2023Rev. Seob KimThe Secret Recipe for HumilityPsalm 131DownloadWisdom Literature Series
5/14/2023Rev. Seob KimWe Are Pilgrims on Earth. So...Psalm 146DownloadWisdom Literature Series
5/7/2023Rev. Seob KimGood and Lovely ChristianityPsalm 133 (Recording Unavailable)DownloadWisdom Literature Series
4/30/2023Rev. Seob KimWhen I Am Anxious, I Will Remember YouPsalm 139DownloadWisdom Literature Series
4/23/2023Rev. Seob KimAre You Drowned in Guilt?Psalm 38DownloadWisdom Literature Series
4/16/2023Rev. Seob KimWho is Your Role Model?Psalm 1DownloadWisdom Literature Series
4/9/2023Seob KimTriumphing Over the WorldActs 6:7-7:60DownloadActs Sermon Series
4/2/2023Seob KimWelcome to Christ Presbyterian ChurchActs 6:1-6DownloadActs Sermon Series
3/26/2023Seob KimUnexpected Turnout (2)Acts 5:33-42DownloadActs Sermon Series
3/19/2023Rev. Tony CowleyJesus' Victory over HIs EnemiesLuke19:35-20:26Download
3/12/2023Seob KimUnexpected Turnouts (1)Acts 5:21b-32DownloadActs Sermon Series
3/5/2023Seob KimGo and Speak All the Words of LifeActs 5:17-21aDownloadActs Sermon Series
2/26/2023Seob KimJesus Christ Triumphant (Recording Unavailable)Acts 5:12-16DownloadActs Sermon Series
2/19/2023Seob KimImperfect Yet RealActs 5:1-11DownloadActs Sermon Series
2/12/2023Rob RameyGod's "Word"- More than You ThinkJohn 1:1-18Download
2/5/2023Seob KimEarly Church: Standing Strong TogetherActs 4:32-37DownloadActs Sermon Series
1/29/2023Seob KimLike Chicks Rushing to the Mother Hen (Recording Unavailable)Acts 4:23-31DownloadActs Sermon Series
1/22/2023Seob KimCall to BoldnessActs 4:1-22DownloadActs Sermon Series
1/15/2023Seob KimWhen Ignorance is not Bliss (Recording Unavailable)Acts 3:17-26DownloadActs Sermon Series
1/8/2023Seob KimA Condition Worse Than That of the Lame BeggarActs 3:11-16DownloadActs Sermon Series
1/1/2023Seob KimA Lame Beggar at the Beautiful GateActs 3:1-10DownloadActs Sermon Series
12/25/2022Seob KimThe True Picture of ChristmasPsalm 24Download
12/18/2022Seob KimThe Early Church: A Vibrant Gospel CommunityActs 2:42-47DownloadActs Sermon Series
12/11/2022Seob KimPentecost-- Who Made It Happen?Acts 2:22-41DownloadActs Sermon Series
12/4/2022Seob KimPentecost-- Why Did It Happen?Acts 2:14-21DownloadActs Sermon Series
11/27/2022Seob KimPentecost--What happened?Acts 2:1-13DownloadActs Sermon Series
11/20/2022Seob KimWhat Are the Odds?--ZeroActs 1:12-26DownloadActs Sermon Series
11/13/2022Seob KimJesus is Ascending--What Now?Acts 1:1-11DownloadActs Sermon Series
11/6/2022Rob RameyThe Truth of Christ in Me2 Corinthians 11:1-15Download
10/30/2022Bob SchmidtbergerTemple Restoration and Worship2 Chronicles 29:1-11Download
10/23/2022Rob RameyI Believed, and So I Spoke2 Corinthians 4:7-18Download
10/9/2022Jim CossinThe Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax CollectorLuke 18:9-14Download
10/2/2022Bob SchmidtbergerKnowing Our GodIsaiah 40Download
9/25/2022Rob RameyThe Light of the Gospel2 Cor 4:1-6Download
9/18/2022Seob KimThe End of All MattersEcclesiastes 12:13-14Download
9/11/2022Jim CossinThe Persistent WidowLuke 18:1-8Download
9/4/2022Bob SchmidtbergerThe Creation of the WorldGenesis 1Download
8/14/2022Seob KimA Message You Do Not Want to MissIsaiah 55:6-13Download
8/7/2022Bob SchmidtbergerThe Return of the KingActs 1:1-11Download
7/31/2022Rob RameyWashed and ShelteredRevelation 7Download
7/24/2022Rob RameySealed and ProtectedRevelation 7Download
5/29/2022Bob SchmidtbergerThe Ascension of King JesusActs 1Download
5/15/2022Blair McFarlandThe Wonder of AdoptionGalatians 4:4-6Download
1/30/2022Bob SchmidtbergerPower and MercyLuke 8:40-56Download
1/23/2022David AyersEverything There Is a Season: Discerning the Right Things at the Right TimesEcclesiastes 3:1-15Download
1/16/2022Bob SchmidtbergerTraining Our ChildrenProverbs 22:6Download
1/9/2022Bob PasehoskiGlory Draws NearEzekiel 1Download
1/2/2022Tony CowleyArise, Shine, For Your Light Has ComeMatthew 2:1-12Download
11/21/2021Andrew StapletonAn Elevated MindsetColossians 3:1-17Download
11/14/2021Shawn SpaltiCome Hear What the Spirit Says to the Churches: RepentRevelation 2:18-29Download
10/31/2021Bob SchmidtbergerGod the CreatorGenesis 1:24-2:25Download
10/10/2021Lincoln LarsenLord of the SabbathMatthew 12:1-14Download
9/26/2021Bob PasehoskiComfort Begets Comfort2 Corinthians 3-11Download
9/12/2021Jim WeidenaarRefreshments Will Be ServedPhilemonDownload
9/5/2021David AyersJesus' Demonstration of Balancing Love and TruthJohn 4:1-24Download
8/22/2021T. David GordonThe Good ShepherdJohn 10:1-18Download
8/15/2021John McElwainSmall Enough to EncourageActs 4:36,37, 11:19-26Download
8/8/2021David O'LearyThe Lord Shows Himself DailyNumbers 20:2-13Download
8/1/2021Shawn SpaltiDo Not Fear! Look and Be Faithful!Revelation 2:8-11Download
7/18/2021Jim WeidenaarThe Blessed LifePsalm 32Download
4/25/2021Rev. Matt HarmonGospel-Formed LeadersTitus 1:5-9Download
4/18/2021Rev. Matt HarmonLoving the Church Like JesusTitus 1:1-5Download
4/11/2021Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better Response, Part 3: Trusting the Great ShepherdHebrews 13:7, 17-25Download
4/4/2021Rev. Matt HarmonThe FeastIsaiah 25Download
3/28/2021Rev. Matt HarmonSongs of Joy for the Judgment of GodIsaiah 24Download
3/21/2021Rev. Matt HarmonOur Extravagant GodIsaiah 23Download
3/7/2021Rev. Matt BohlingFeel the Freedom of Identity in Christ1 Corinthians 3:21-4:5Download
2/21/2021Rev. Matt HarmonWho Do You Trust?Isaiah 19-20Download
2/14/2021Rev. Matt HarmonIn Prosperity and AdversityIsaiah 17-18Download
2/7/2021Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better Response, Part 1: LoveHebrews 13:1-6, 16Download
1/31/2021Rev. Matt HarmonShelter for the WeepingIsaiah 15-16Download
1/24/2021Rev. Matt HarmonA Sad Song for a SuperpowerIsaiah 13-14Download
1/17/2021Speaker: Dr. Devin StauffSPECIAL: COVID and Vaccine Question and AnswerDownload
1/17/2021Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better KingdomHebrews 12:18-29Download
1/10/2021Rev. Matt HarmonThe Song of SalvationIsaiah 12:1-6Download
1/3/2021Rev. Jonathan KuciembaTogether to the EndHebrews 12:12-17Download
12/20/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe SignalIsaiah 11:10-16Download
12/13/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe Stump, the Shoot, and the SpiritIsaiah 11:1-10Download
12/6/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe End of Arrogance and AngerIsaiah 9:8-10:34Download
11/29/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBetter Discipline from a Better FatherHebrews 12:3-11Download
11/15/2020Rev. Matt HarmonHow to Act Right When Your Neighbor Acts WrongIsaiah 8:1-22Download
11/8/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better Running PartnerHebrews 12:1-3Download
11/1/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe ChildIsaiah 7:10-25Download
10/25/2020Rev. Matt HarmonFear or FaithIsaiah 7:1-9Download
10/18/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe Burnt Over DistrictIsaiah 6:1-13Download
10/11/2020Rev. Matt HarmonThe Holy GodIsaiah 6:1-8Download
10/4/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFaith, part 4: Victory for the UndeservingHebrews 11:29-40Download
9/27/2020Rev. Matt HarmonGlorified VinegarIsaiah 5:1-30Download
9/20/2020Rev. Matt HarmonBranch DayIsaiah 4:2-6Download
9/6/2020Rev. Matt HarmonA Better Bargain than Ugly BeautyIsaiah 3:16-4:1Download
8/30/2020Rev. Matt HarmonLife in the Leadership VacuumIsaiah 3:1-15Download
8/23/2020Rev. Matt HarmonHumanity Humbled, God ExaltedIsaiah 2:6-22Download
8/16/2020Rev. Matt HarmonGlobal Gospel CirculationIsaiah 2:1-5Download
8/9/2020Rev. Matt HarmonMy City Was GoneIsaiah 1:21-31Download
7/26/2020Rev. Matt HarmonA Nation in DistressIsaiah 1:1-9Download
7/12/2020Rev. Dr. T. David GordonEntering God's RestRevelation 14:9-13Download
7/5/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFaith, part 2: The Power for Patient ObedienceHebrews 11:7-12Download
6/28/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFaith: Who, What, and Why?Hebrews 11:1-6Download
6/21/2020Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerI Believe in God Almighty, CreatorGenesis 1:1-2:3Download
6/14/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaProphetic EncouragementHebrews 10:26-39Download
5/31/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaMeeting Together? Really?Hebrews 10:19-25Download
5/24/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBetter SacrificeHebrews 10:1-18Download
5/10/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBetter BloodHebrews 9:1-28Download
4/19/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better Relationship with GodHebrews 7:11-28Download
4/12/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaGlad When We See the LordJohn 19:38-20:20Download
3/15/2020Rev. Dr. T. David GordonRemember the Sabbath Day, to Keep in HolyExodus 20:8-11Download
3/8/2020Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerKing Hezekiah's ReformsII Chronicles 30:1-27Download
3/1/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaMelchize-who?Hebrews 7:1-10Download
2/23/2020Rev. Dr. T. David GordonSix Days You Shall LaborExodus 20:8-11Download
2/16/2020Rev. Dr. Carl TruemanThe Problem of Evil1 Samuel 2:12-26Download
2/9/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaAnchored HopeHebrews 6:13-20Download
2/2/2020Rev. Dr. Carl TruemanExalting the Weak1 Samuel 2:1-11Download
1/26/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaTo the EndHebrews 6:4-12Download
1/19/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaGrown or Growing?Hebrews 5:11-6:3Download
1/12/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Full SalvationHebrews 5:1-10Download
1/5/2020Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Confidence to Draw NearHebrews 4:14-5:3Download
12/29/2019Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThe Lord at Mt. Carmel1 Kings 18:7-40Download
12/22/2019Rev. Matt HarmonJubilee Redemption and ReleaseLeviticus 25:35-55Download
12/15/2019Rev. Matt HarmonJubilee Redemption and ReturnLeviticus 25:23-34Download
12/8/2019Rev. Matt HarmonJubilee RestLeviticus 25:1-22Download
12/1/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Sharp WordHebrews 4:12-13Download
11/24/2019Rev. Matt HarmonThe Place of AtonementLeviticus 16:1-34Download
11/17/2019Rev. Matt HarmonThe Peril, Purification, and Promise of BirthLeviticus 12:1-8Download
11/10/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better RestHebrews 4:1-11Download
11/3/2019Rev. Matt HarmonLord of the TableLeviticus 11:1-47Download
10/27/2019Rev. Matt HarmonFathers and Sons: Consumed by Glory, Duty, and GriefLeviticus 10:1-20Download
10/20/2019Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerWhy Are You Cast Down, O My Soul?Psalms 42 & 43Download
10/13/2019Rev. Dr. Leslie HolmesPro Tanto Quid Retribuamus!Psalm 116:1-19; Matthew 21:28-31; Psalm 119:14Download
10/6/2019Rev. Matt HarmonFrom Atonement to GloryLeviticus 9:1-24Download
9/29/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Second Warning (and God's Provision for Endurance)Hebrews 3:7-4:3aDownload
9/22/2019Rev. Matt HarmonGrace through ObedienceLeviticus 8:1-36Download
9/15/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Better HouseHebrews 3:1-6Download
9/8/2019Rev. Matt HarmonMinistry: Accountable, Sacrificial, PerpetualLeviticus 6:8-7:38Download
9/1/2019Rev. Matt HarmonThe Cost of ForgivenessLeviticus 5:14-6:7Download
8/25/2019Rev. Matt HarmonPurified by BloodLeviticus 4:1-5:13Download
8/18/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaHumbled and ExaltedHebrews 2:5-18Download
8/11/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaPay Attention!Hebrews 2:1-4Download
8/4/2019Rev. Matt HarmonFeasting Before the Lord (First half missing - sorry!)Leviticus 3:1-17Download
7/28/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBetter than AngelsHebrews 1:4-14Download
7/21/2019Rev. Matt HarmonA Time to RememberLeviticus 2:1-16Download
7/14/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaJesus Is BetterHebrews 1:1-4Download
7/7/2019Rev. Matt HarmonLife Through Atoning SacrificeLeviticus 1:1-17Download
6/23/2019Rev. Ethan MagnessForgiveness, Flan, and Bearded LadiesJohn 20:19-23Download
6/16/2019Rev. Matt HarmonOff Into the Son-riseActs 28:16-31Download
6/9/2019Rev. Matt HarmonThe Refuge and the WayActs 28:1-16Download
5/26/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Place Among Those Who Are Sanctified by Faith in JesusActs 25:13-26:32Download
5/19/2019Rev. Matt HarmonDoing Paul No FavorsActs 24:1-25:12Download
5/12/2019Rev. Matt HarmonTestifying to JesusActs 22:30-23:35Download
5/5/2019Rev. Matt HarmonDual Citizen, Forgiven WitnessActs 21:37-22:29Download
4/28/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFor the Name of the Lord Jesus in His ChurchActs 21:1-36Download
4/21/2019Rev. Matt HarmonEncouraged by ResurrectionActs 20:1-16Download
4/14/2019Rev. Matt HarmonParting Words: Serving the Lord through Self-Care and Flock-CareActs 20:17-38Download
4/7/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaExorcism, Magic, False Gods, and JesusActs 19:8-41Download
3/31/2019Rev. Matt HarmonLifelong Learners in the School of ChristActs 18:18-19:7Download
3/24/2019Rev. Matt HarmonWho's Afraid of the Big, Bad City?Acts 18:1-17Download
3/17/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaDifferent Proclamations, Different Responses; Same Gospel, Same GodActs 17:1-34Download
3/10/2019Rev. Matt HarmonThe Spirit of Philippian ChristianityActs 16:6-40Download
3/3/2019Rev. Matt HarmonResolving Disagreements (Or Not)Acts 15:1-16:5Download
2/24/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaEncouraging the ChurchActs 14:1-28Download
2/17/2019Rev. Matt HarmonIntroduction to Christian MissionsActs 13:1-52Download
2/10/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaKing of KingsActs 12:1-25Download
1/27/2019Rev. Matt HarmonBaptism ≥ CircumcisionActs 11:13-14Download
1/13/2019Rev. Jonathan KuciembaUnited in ChristActs 11:1-18Download
1/6/2019Rev. Matt HarmonCornelius and PeterActs 10:1-48Download
12/30/2018Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThe Practical AtheistJames 4:13-17Download
12/23/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaOrdinary Service, Extraordinary FutureActs 9:32-43Download
12/16/2018Rev. Matt HarmonWhen the Lights Go OnActs 9:1-31Download
11/25/2018Rev. Matt HarmonA Strong DefenseActs 6:8-8:1aDownload
11/18/2018Rev. Matt HarmonHelp WantedActs 6:1-7Download
11/4/2018Rev. Matt HarmonLying to God (Doesn't Work)Acts 5:1-11Download
10/28/2018Rev. Matt HarmonEverything in CommonActs 4:32-37Download
10/21/2018Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerFive WitnessesJohn 5:24-47Download
10/14/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Name and the BoldnessActs 4:1-31Download
10/7/2018Rev. Dr. Carl TruemanA Magnificent Commission2 Corinthians 5:16-21Download
9/30/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaTrue HealingActs 3:1-26Download
9/23/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary ChurchActs 2:42-47Download
9/16/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Calling Card of JesusActs 2:21-41Download
9/9/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Continuing Work of God through the Spirit of ChristActs 2:1-21Download
9/2/2018Rev. Matt HarmonFinding the Will of the Lord in the Word of GodActs 1:12-26Download
8/26/2018Rev. Matt HarmonJesus AscendantActs 1:1-11Download
8/19/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaMinas, Pounds, or Talents: It's Not About the MoneyLuke 19:11-27Download
8/12/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWeddings and Funerals: Not Just A GameMatthew 11:16-19Download
8/5/2018Rev. Ethan MagnessI Love You This Much1 John 4:7-12Download
7/29/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBarns and Bank Accounts: Why Bigger Isn't Always BetterLuke 12:13-21Download
7/22/2018Rev. Matt HarmonRejected and MockedPsalm 89:38-52Download
7/15/2018Rev. Matt HarmonFaithful ForeverPsalm 89:1-37Download
7/8/2018Rev. Matt HarmonDarknessPsalm 88Download
7/1/2018Rev. Dr. Dariusz BryckoA Prophet's ToolboxMatthew 3:1-11Download
6/24/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe City of GodPsalm 87Download
6/17/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaExcuses, Excuses: Or, Why Jesus Is the Worst Guest but the Best HostLuke 14:16-24; Matthew 22:1-14Download
6/10/2018Rev. Matt HarmonPatchwork Prayer for Divided HeartsPsalm 86Download
6/3/2018Rev. Matt HarmonRestorationPsalm 85Download
5/27/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhat Can We Do?Lamentations 5:1-22Download
5/20/2018Rev. Matt HarmonStrength for the StumblingPsalm 84Download
5/13/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Legacy of KorahNumbers 16:1-40Download
5/6/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhen Will It End?Lamentations 4:1-22Download
4/29/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhere Is Hope?Lamentations 3:1-66Download
4/22/2018Rev. Matt HarmonChoosing Your Next ChurchHebrews 10:19-25Download
4/8/2018Rev. Matt HarmonNew EdenRevelation 22:1-5Download
4/1/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaInheritance Through Resurrection1 Peter 1:3-5Download
3/25/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe End of NightRevelation 21:3, 22-27Download
3/18/2018Rev. Matt HarmonGod's City-BrideRevelation 21:9-21Download
3/11/2018Rev. Matt HarmonLife After HeavenRevelation 21:1-8Download
3/4/2018Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerDo You Want to Be Healed?John 5:1-29Download
2/25/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaHow Could God Do This?Lamentations 2:1-22Download
2/11/2018Rev. Matt HarmonGood News for Gender MinoritiesActs 8:26-39Download
2/4/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Millennium, Part 2Revelation 20:1-10Download
1/28/2018Rev. Matt HarmonThe Millennium, Part 1Revelation 20:1-15Download
1/21/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWho Is There to Comfort?Lamentations 1:1-22Download
1/14/2018Rev. Jonathan KuciembaLamentations: Realistic Hope Amid Serious SufferingLamentations 1:1-2; 2:11-12, 20-22; 3:19-24Download
12/31/2017Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerJesus and the TempleJohn 4:1-26Download
12/24/2017Rev. Matt HarmonShame, Sin, and a SonMatthew 1:18-25Download
12/17/2017Rev. Matt HarmonGrace and ShameLuke 1:24-45Download
12/10/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Virgin Birth...Prophesied?Isaiah 7:1-17Download
12/3/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Scandal of the Virgin BirthMark 6:1-4; John 8:34-41Download
11/26/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhat Have I Got to Be Thankful For?Colossians 3:15-17Download
11/19/2017Rev. Matt HarmonA King's RansomPsalm 49Download
11/12/2017Rev. Matt HarmonSoli Deo Glory: the Glory of God Alone2 Corinthians 3:7-4:7Download
11/5/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaSolus ChristusJohn 14:1-6, 18-20Download
10/29/2017Rev. Matt HarmonSola Fide: Faith AloneRomans 3:19-31Download
10/15/2017Rev. Matt HarmonFamilies and FuneralsGenesis 35:22b-36:43Download
10/8/2017Rev. Matt HarmonHomecomingGenesis 32:3 - 33:17Download
10/1/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaSola GratiaEphesians 2:1-10Download
9/24/2017Rev. Matt HarmonEsau's AngerGenesis 26:34-35; 27:41-28:9Download
9/17/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Firstborn CursedGenesis 27:1-40Download
9/10/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaSola Scriptura2 Timothy 3:14-17Download
9/3/2017Rev. Matt HarmonA Birthright for a MealGenesis 25:23-34Download
8/27/2017Rev. Matt HarmonPromises, PromisesGenesis 25:19-28Download
8/20/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaDeliverance From and Deliverance To (first few minutes missing)Matthew 6:9-13; 1 Chronicles 29:11Download
8/13/2017Rev. Matt HarmonCity Tour: ZionPsalm 48Download
8/6/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Greatest BailoutMatthew 6:9-15Download
7/30/2017Rev. Matt HarmonExulting in the Exalted OnePsalm 47Download
7/23/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaGiving Is God's Bread and ButterMatthew 6:9-13Download
7/16/2017Rev. Matt HarmonFinding Refuge in GodPsalm 46Download
7/9/2017Rev. Matt HarmonLove Song for a KingPsalm 45Download
7/2/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaHis Will for a KingdomMatthew 6:9-13Download
6/25/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhat's in a (Hallowed) Name?Matthew 6:9-13Download
6/18/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaOur Father in HeavenMatthew 6:9-13Download
6/11/2017Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerSigns of Glory and Authority (first minute or so missing)John 2:1-3:2; 20:30-31Download
6/4/2017Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThe Witness of John the BaptizerJohn 1:19-42Download
5/28/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe War of the WordsRevelation 19:11-21Download
5/21/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Wedding PartyRevelation 19:1-10Download
5/14/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhen You PrayMatthew 6:5-13Download
5/7/2017Rev. Matt HarmonFleeing Babylon's FallRevelation 18:1-24Download
4/30/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Feast to RememberEsther 9:16-10:3Download
4/23/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Beauty and the BeastRevelation 17:1-18Download
4/16/2017Rev. Matt HarmonEaster-geddonRevelation 15:1, 15:5-16:21Download
4/9/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaIt Ain't Over Till It's OverEsther 8:1-9:15Download
4/2/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Harvest SongRevelation 14:1-15:4Download
3/26/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe Second BeastRevelation 13:11-18Download
3/19/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Wrath of the KingEsther 7:1-10Download
3/12/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe First BeastRevelation 12:17-13:10Download
3/5/2017Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThe Lord's Supper Reminds Us God Is Ever FaithfulLuke 22:1-23Download
2/26/2017Dr. T. David GordonFrom the Earth and For the EarthGenesis 2:4-15Download
2/19/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaSleepless in SusaEsther 6:1-14Download
2/12/2017Rev. Matt HarmonThe DragonRevelation 12:1-17Download
2/5/2017Rev. Matt HarmonWho Are You to Judge?Revelation 11:14-19Download
1/29/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaCounseling HamanEsther 5:9-14Download
1/22/2017Rev. Matt HarmonWitness: Living as the Temple in the CityRevelation 10:1-11:13Download
1/15/2017Rev. Matt HarmonSix Blasts of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of HumanityRevelation 8:6-9:21Download
1/8/2017Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFaith in Action: Making a Stand on Our KneesEsther 5:1-8Download
1/1/2017Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerSafe in the Arms of JesusJohn 13:1-4, 31-38; 18:1-11Download
12/18/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe King of PeaceIsaiah 8:22-9:7Download
12/11/2016Rev. Matt HarmonSilenceRevelation 8:1-5Download
12/4/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Shepherd-LambRevelation 7:1-17Download
11/27/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaSlow to FastEsther 4:1-17Download
11/20/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Lamb's Army (incomplete recording)Revelation 7:1-17Download
11/13/2016Rev. Jonathan Kuciemba"Lots" Being Done behind the ScenesEsther 2:19-3:15Download
11/6/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe World Turned Upside DownRevelation 6:1-17Download
10/30/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe LambRevelation 5:1-14Download
10/23/2016Rev. Matt HarmonWorshipRevelation 4:1-11Download
10/16/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Seven Churches, Part IIRevelation 2-3Download
10/9/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWho (Really) Wants to Be a Queen?Esther 2:1-18Download
10/2/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Seven Churches, Part IRevelation 2-3Download
9/25/2016Rev. Matt HarmonWhere in the World Is Jesus?Revelation 1:9-20Download
9/18/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Tale of Two Kings (poor audio quality - sorry!)Esther 1:1-22Download
9/11/2016Rev. Matt HarmonRevelation: The Book That BlessesRevelation 1:1-11Download
8/28/2016Rev. Matt HarmonUnited V: One with the Spirit in HolinessMatthew 18:1-20Download
8/21/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaTrue Worship: Living as a SacrificePsalm 50Download
8/14/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFaith Amid FearHabakkuk 3:1-19Download
8/7/2016Rev. Matt HarmonUnited IV: One with the Spirit in Confession1 Corinthians 12:3; Acts 18:24-28Download
7/31/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWaiting by FaithHabakkuk 2:2-20Download
7/24/2016Rev. Matt HarmonUnited III: United with Christ in CommunityEphesians 4:1-16Download
7/17/2016Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerI Will Not Leave You as OrphansJohn 13 & 14Download
7/10/2016Rev. Matt HarmonUnited II: One with Christ in SalvationEphesians 1:3-14Download
7/3/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaA Work in ProgressHabakkuk 1:12-2:1Download
6/26/2016Rev. Matt HarmonUnited: One with Adam in Sin, Misery and DeathRomans 5:12-21Download
6/19/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaQ&A with GodHabakkuk 1:1-11Download
6/12/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Cost of ForgivenessMatthew 6:12; 18:21-35Download
6/5/2016Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThings the Lord's Supper Reminds Us OfJohn 13:1-3, 27-35; 15:12-15Download
5/29/2016Rev. Matt HarmonIs God Asleep in the Slaughterhouse?Psalm 44Download
5/22/2016Rev. Matt HarmonHope for the Downcast (incomplete recording)Psalms 42 & 43Download
5/15/2016Rev. Matt HarmonBoasting in the Cross of JesusGalatians 6:11-18Download
5/8/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaBearing One Another's Burdens: An ApplicationGalatians 6:6-10Download
5/1/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Spiritual Life (Together)Galatians 5:25-6:5Download
4/24/2016Rev. Matt HarmonWalking with the Spirit II: Sex and the SpiritGalatians 5:16-25Download
4/17/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWalking with the Spirit, Walking with Each OtherGalatians 5:13-26Download
4/10/2016Rev. Matt HarmonFighting for FreedomGalatians 5:1-15Download
4/3/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWho's Your Mother? (incomplete recording)Galatians 4:21-5:1Download
3/27/2016Rev. Matt HarmonHow to Gain (and Lose) HappinessGalatians 4:8-20Download
3/20/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFrom Slavery to SonshipGalatians 4:1-7Download
2/28/2016Rev. Matt HarmonLaying Down the LawGalatians 3:19-29Download
2/21/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaResting in the Promise FulfilledGalatians 3:10-18Download
2/14/2016Rev. Matt HarmonFrom Start to Finish: Spirit-Wrought FaithGalatians 3:1-9Download
2/7/2016Rev. Ethan MagnessAn Apostolic FightGalatians 2:11-21Download
1/31/2016Rev. Jonathan KuciembaAlone in the Darkness1 Samuel 28:3-25Download
1/24/2016Rev. Matt HarmonGrace RevealedGalatians 1:11-2:10Download
1/17/2016Rev. Matt HarmonGrace ImperiledGalatians 1:1-10Download
1/10/2016Rev. Derek BatesGod with UsMark 1:14-18; 3:13-15; 14:26-42Download
1/3/2016Rev. Matt HarmonThe Secret to Finishing Well1 Samuel 19:18-24; 25:1Download
12/27/2015Rev. Bob SchmidtbergerThe Baby Born in BethlehemLuke 2:1-21Download
12/20/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Unexpected King1 Samuel 16:1-13Download
12/13/2015Rev. Matt HarmonObedience Is Better than Sacrifice1 Samuel 15Download
12/6/2015Rev. Matt HarmonExcuses, Excuses, Excuses1 Samuel 13:1-15Download
11/29/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaGrace Greater Than Our Sin (first few minutes missing on the recording)1 Samuel 11:12-12:25Download
11/22/2015Rev. Matt HarmonThe Kingmaker1 Samuel 9:1-10:27Download
11/15/2015Rev. Matt HarmonWhen God Against You = God For You1 Samuel 8Download
11/8/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Lord Our Help1 Samuel 7:2-17Download
11/1/2015Rev. Matt HarmonGod's Goodness in Your Failures1 Samuel 4:1-22Download
10/25/2015Dr. Jim WeidenaarJacob's WellJohn 4:1-30Download
10/11/2015Rev. Dr. T. David GordonThe King's SinPsalm 51Download
10/4/2015Rev. Matt HarmonDespising God's Sacrifice1 Samuel 2:11-36Download
9/27/2015Rev. Matt HarmonHannah Singing1 Samuel 2:1-10Download
9/6/2015Rev. Matt HarmonHannah Weeping1 Samuel 1:1-8Download
8/30/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaPraying to the Sovereign God When OppressedPsalm 83Download
8/23/2015Rev. Matt HarmonGod Judges the JudgesPsalm 82Download
8/16/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaListening for the FeastPsalm 81Download
8/9/2015Rev. Matt HarmonWhen God Looks the Other WayPsalm 80Download
8/2/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaGrace for Victims and Bullies AlikePsalm 79Download
7/26/2015Rev. Matt HarmonGood News for Every GenerationPsalm 78Download
7/19/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaRemembering the Lord in SufferingPsalm 77Download
7/12/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Fear of the LordPsalm 76Download
7/5/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaIn Praise of the JudgePsalm 75Download
6/28/2015Rev. Ethan MagnessThe Resurrection and the Past, Present, and FutureActs 3Download
6/21/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaHope in the midst of TragedyPsalm 74Download
6/14/2015Rev. Matt HarmonSlip Sliding AwayPsalm 73Download
6/7/2015Rev. Matt HarmonGood WorksTitus 3:1-15Download
5/31/2015Rev. Matt HarmonThe Holy SpiritTitus 3:1-15Download
5/24/2015Rev. Matt HarmonSound Doctrine for Healthy Living (Part 2)Titus 2:1-15Download
5/24/2015Rev. Matt HarmonSound Doctrine for Healthy Living (Part 1)Titus 2:1-15Download
5/17/2015Dr. Iain DuguidLooking Backward, Looking ForwardJoshua 24:1-28Download
5/10/2015Rev. Matt HarmonFalse Teachers: The Bad Guys (incomplete recording)Titus 1:9-16Download
5/3/2015Rev. Matt HarmonElders: Gospel-men (incomplete recording)Titus 1:5-9Download
4/26/2015Rev. Matt HarmonJesus and the ChurchTitus 1:1-5Download
4/19/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaChrist Is Risen... Now What?Matthew 28:16-20Download
4/12/2015Dr. Iain DuguidEnough (incomplete recording)Mark 14:32-42Download
4/5/2015Rev. Matt HarmonThe Empty TombMark 15:40-16:8Download
3/29/2015Rev. Matt HarmonThe Death of Death in the Death of JesusMark 15:15-47Download
3/22/2015Rev. Matt HarmonThe PrisonerMark 15:1-20Download
3/15/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhen Christians SinMark 14:66-72Download
3/8/2015Rev. Randy JohovichClothes Make the ChristianZechariah 3:1-10Download
3/1/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWhere Is Justice?Mark 14:53-65Download
2/22/2015Rev. Matt HarmonBetrayalMark 14:43-52Download
2/8/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe Next-to-Last SupperMark 14:12-31Download
2/1/2015Dr. Iain DuguidThe Priority of JesusMark 14:1-11Download
1/25/2015Rev. Matt HarmonForewarnedMark 13:1-37Download
1/11/2015Rev. Jonathan KuciembaNo Christ, No Peace; Know Christ, Know PeacePsalm 125Download
1/4/2015Rev. Bob PazehoskiThe Honeymoon Is OverPsalm 136Download
12/28/2014Rev. Matt HarmonA Matter of Life and DeathPhilippians 1:18-30Download
12/21/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaMary, Mother of JesusLuke 1:26-55Download
12/14/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe Truth about Bathshebagate (incomplete recording)Matthew 1:6; 2 Samuel 11Download
12/7/2014Rev. Matt HarmonRuth, Mother of KingsMatthew 1:5; Ruth 4Download
11/30/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaRahab, God's Surprising GraceMatthew 1:5; Joshua 2:1-24Download
11/23/2014Lincoln LarsenTamar, Mother of JesusMatthew 1:3; Genesis 38Download
11/16/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe End of DespairZephaniah 3:1-20Download
11/9/2014Rev. Matt HarmonSuperficial No MoreMark 12:34-13:2Download
11/2/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe Love of the KingMark 12:28-34Download
10/26/2014Rev. Matt HarmonGod of the LivingMark 12:18-27Download
10/19/2014Rev. Randy JohovichBlood, Blood, BloodHebrews 9:11-28Download
10/12/2014Dr. T. David GordonDouble Honor1 Timothy 5:17-18Download
9/28/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaRendering to GodMark 12:13-17Download
9/21/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe Heaven-Sent SonMark 11:27-12:12Download
9/14/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe End is Nigh!Zephaniah 1:1-2:3Download
9/7/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaFruitfulness and the Power of PrayerMark 11:11-25Download
8/31/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe King of PilgrimsMark 11:1-11Download
8/24/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe Giver of SightMark 10:46-52Download
8/17/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaThe GreatestMark 10:32-45Download
8/10/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe Happy Transgressor (incomplete)Psalm 32Download
8/3/2014Rev. Matt HarmonJesus and ChildrenMark 10:13-16Download
7/27/2014Lincoln LarsenWealth and TreasureMark 10:17-31Download
7/20/2014Rev. Matt HarmonMarriage in a Hard-Hearted WorldMark 10:1-12Download
7/13/2014Kevin KayeRelational Peace: Growing Together in GraceMark 9:42-50Download
7/6/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaWho is Included?Mark 9:38-41Download
6/29/2014Dr. Iain DuguidPride's Sorrowful and Sweet RemedyPsalm 30Download
6/22/2014Lincoln LarsenWho is the Greatest?Mark 9:33-37Download
6/15/2014Rev. Jonathan KuciembaMission: UnexpectedMark 9:30-32Download
6/8/2014Rev. Matt HarmonFrail Faith in a Strong SaviorMark 9:14-29Download
4/20/2014Dr. Iain DuguidResurrection HopeEzekiel 37:1-14Download
4/13/2014Rev. Matt HarmonHe Who Would be KingMark 6:7-44Download
4/6/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe Servant KingMark 6:41-56Download
3/23/2014Dr. T. David GordonThe Gadarene DemoniacMark 5:1-20Download
2/23/2014Dr. Iain DuguidThe Lord of AllMark 2:18-3:6Download
2/16/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe HealerMark 2:1-17Download
2/9/2014Dr. Steve EstesLoving Your NeighborLeviticus 19:17-18Download
2/2/2014Jonathan KuciembaDemons, Lepers, and Mothers in Law - Oh MyMark 1:21-45Download
1/26/2014Rev. Matt HarmonThe (New) BeginningMark 1:1-20Download
1/19/2014Dr. Iain DuguidLearning to Love the Law (recorded at HTS retreat)Psalm 19Download
1/12/2014Lincoln LarsenWhere Does My Help Come From?Psalm 121Download
1/5/2014Rev. Robbie SchmidtbergerLiving in Line with the GospelGalatians 2:11-21Download
12/29/2013James DuguidLight Out of DarknessGenesis 1:1-2:3Download
12/22/2013Dr. Iain DuguidHard Words for GodMalachi 3:13-4:6Download
12/15/2013Rev. Matt HarmonGenerosityMalachi 3:6-12Download
12/8/2013Dr. Iain DuguidLonging for JusticeMalachi 2:17-3:6Download
12/1/2013Dr. Iain DuguidFaithless Spouses and a Faithful GodMalachi 2:10-16Download
11/24/2013Rev. Matt HarmonRole ReversalMalachi 2:1-9Download
11/17/2013Dr. Iain DuguidHonoring the KingMalachi 1:6-14Download
11/3/2013Dr. Jim WeidenaarGood News Regarding Your ______Ephesians 2:1-10Download
10/27/2013Dr. Iain DuguidPraying AlwaysEphesians 6:20-24Download
10/20/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe Sword of the SpiritEphesians 6:17Download
10/13/2013Dr. Paul SchaeferHope and Assurance in ChristHebrews 10:19-39Download
10/6/2013Dr. Iain DuguidThe Helment of SalvationEphesians 6:17Download
9/29/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe Shield of FaithEphesians 6:10-20Download
9/22/2013Rev. Matt HarmonGospel Boots and the Original Peace CorpsEphesians 6:10-20Download
9/15/2013Dr Iain DuguidThe Breastplate of RighteousnessEphesians 6:10-20Download
9/8/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe Belt of TruthEphesians 6:10-20Download
9/1/2013Dr. Iain DuguidDressed for BattleEphesians 6:10-20Download
8/25/2013Rev. Matt HarmonAnd One More Thing...Exodus 20:18-21Download
8/11/2013Rev. Matt HarmonFalse WitnessExodus 20:16Download
7/21/2013Jonathan KuciembaYou Shall Not KillExodus 20:13Download
7/14/2013Dr. Iain DuguidHonoring Your Father and MotherExodus 20:12Download
7/7/2013Dr. Paul SchaeferThe Atoning Work of ChristHebrews 10:1-8Download
6/30/2013Dr. T. David GordonRemember the SabbathExodus 20:8-11Download
6/23/2013Dr. Iain DuguidWork: The Other Six DaysExodus 20:8-11Download
6/16/2013Lincoln LarsenWhat's in a Name?Exodus 20:7 Download
6/9/2013Rev. Matt HarmonRight Worship of the Right GodExodus 20:3-6Download
6/2/2013Jonathan KuciembaFirst Things First: Grace in the CommandmentExodus 20:1-3Download
5/26/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe Speaker of the WordsExodus 20:1-21Download
5/19/2013Dr. Iain DuguidOrdinary People Serving an Extraordinary God1 Peter 5:6-14Download
5/12/2013Dr. T. David GordonSheep and Shepherds (Organization service)1 Peter 5:1-5Download
5/5/2013Rev. Matt HarmonTrial and Trust (incomplete recording)1 Peter 4:12-19Download
4/28/2013Dr. Jim WeidenaarSin and TemptationProverbs 7Download
4/21/2013Dr. Iain DuguidBe Good for Goodness' Sake1 Peter 4:1-11Download
4/14/2013Rev. Matt HarmonJesus and Gender1 Peter 3:1-7Download
4/7/2013Dr. Iain DuguidA Shelter in the StormPsalm 3Download
3/31/2013Dr. Iain DuguidThe Heart of the GospelActs 2:22-41Download
3/24/2013Rev. Matt HarmonReturning Good for Evil1 Peter 3:8-22Download
3/17/2013Dr. Iain DuguidThe Song that Never EndsSong of Songs 8:7-14Download
2/24/2013Rev. Matt HarmonLife in Your New Family1 Peter 1:10-25Download
2/17/2013Dr. Iain DuguidLove and DeathSong of Songs 8:5-7Download
2/10/2013Rev. Matt HarmonSuffering and Salvation1 Peter 1:1-12Download
2/3/2013Dr. Iain DuguidAnd So to Bed...Song of Songs 6:11-8:3Download
1/27/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe ProdigalsLuke 15:11-32Download
1/20/2013Dr. Iain DuguidMaking Up is Hard to DoSong of Songs 6:1-12Download
1/13/2013Rev. Matt HarmonThe Cost of ForgivenessMatthew 18:21-35Download
1/6/2013Kevin KayeGrowing PainsHebrews 12:3-11Download
12/30/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferWalking by Faith Not by SightRomans 4Download
12/23/2012Rev. Matt HarmonGenerations of GraceMatthew 1:1-17Download
12/9/2012Dr. Iain DuguidIntimacy Lost and RegainedSong of Songs 5:3-6:3Download
12/2/2012Dr. Iain DuguidConsummationSong of Songs 4:8-5:2Download
11/25/2012Rev. Matt HarmonLost and FoundLuke 15:1-10Download
11/18/2012Mr. Jonathan KuciembaRejoice, the Lord is Judge!Matthew 13:47-50Download
11/11/2012Dr. Iain DuguidMoney Can't Buy Me LoveSong of Songs 3:6-4:7Download
11/4/2012Rev. Matt HarmonTreasureMatthew 13:40-46Download
10/28/2012Dr. Iain DuguidSearchingSong of Songs 3:1-5Download
10/21/2012Rev. Matt HarmonSmall Beginnings, Subtle AdvancesMatthew 13:31-35Download
10/14/2012Dr. T. David GordonThe Wheat and the WeedsMatthew 13:24-30, 36-43Download
10/7/2012Dr. Iain DuguidWaitingSong of Songs 2:8-17Download
9/23/2012Dr. Iain DuguidCrazy LoveSong of Songs 1:17-2:7Download
9/16/2012Dr. Iain DuguidAffirmation and IntimacySong of Songs 1:5-14Download
9/9/2012Dr. Iain DuguidDesireSong of Songs 1:1-4Download
9/2/2012Dr. Iain DuguidHolding Out for a Hero1 Kings 11Download
8/26/2012Rev. Matt HarmonThe Charge1 Chronicles 28Download
8/19/2012Jonathan KuciembaA Merciful Ending2 Samuel 24Download
8/12/2012Dr. Iain DuguidLike Father, Like Sons2 Samuel 13Download
8/5/2012Kevin KayeWhen Healing Hurts2 Samuel 11:26-12:24Download
7/29/2012Rev. Matt HarmonCovenant Love2 Samuel 9Download
7/22/2012Dr. Iain DuguidDefining the Relationship2 Samuel 7Download
7/15/2012Kevin KayeParadoxology - From Sorrow to Joy (incomplete recording)2 Samuel 6Download
7/8/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferHow the Mighty Have Fallen!1 Samuel 31Download
7/1/2012Jonathan KuciembaCaution - God at Work1 Samuel 25Download
6/24/2012Dr. Iain DuguidThe Call To Missions (Miller Commissioning Service)Isaiah 6Download
6/17/2012Rev. Matt HarmonFaithful Friends1 Samuel 18:1-5; 20:1-42Download
6/10/2012Mr. Lincoln LarsenThe Battle Belongs to the Lord1 Samuel 17Download
6/3/2012Rev. Matt HarmonGod Sees a King1 Samuel 16:1-13Download
5/27/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferJesus - High Priest Forever After the Order of MelchizedekHebrews 7:1-10Download
5/20/2012Dr. Iain DuguidThe Gospel and WorkEphesians 6:5-9Download
5/13/2012Dr. Iain DuguidThe Shepherd and His Sheep (Harmon commissioning service)1 Peter 5:1-7Download
5/6/2012Rev. Matt HarmonJesus and Your FamilyEphesians 6:1-4Download
4/29/2012Rev. Matt HarmonThe Spirit of MarriageEphesians 5:17-33Download
4/22/2012Dr. Iain DuguidThe Life of ThankfulnessEphesians 5:1-20Download
4/15/2012Rev. Derek BatesLearning to say NoMark 8:27-9:1Download
4/8/2012Rev. Matt HarmonThe Dawn of Life1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11Download
4/1/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferJesus: Our Hope, our Anchor and our RefugeHebrews 6:13-20Download
3/25/2012Dr. Iain DuguidNew and Improved (Part 2)Ephesians 4:15-32Download
3/18/2012Dr. Iain DuguidNew and ImprovedEphesians 4:17-24Download
3/11/2012Dr. T. David GordonThe Gifts of the Ascended Christ to His ChurchEphesians 4:7-16Download
3/4/2012Rev. Matt HarmonOneEphesians 4:1-6Download
2/26/2012Dr. Iain DuguidPaul's PrayerEphesians 3:14-21Download
2/19/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferA Difficult Text - A Christ-centered ExplanationHebrews 6:1-12Download
2/12/2012Rev. Matt HarmonThe MysteryEphesians 3:1-13Download
2/5/2012Dr. Iain DuguidDead and Buried?Genesis 50Download
1/29/2012Dr. Iain DuguidMixed BlessingsGenesis 49Download
1/22/2012Dr. Iain DuguidFamous Last WordsGenesis 48Download
1/15/2012Dr. Paul SchaeferGoing Forward as We Hold On To ChristHebrews 5:11-6:3Download
1/8/2012Rev. Matt HarmonA Good YearIsaiah 61Download
1/1/2012Jonathan KuciembaWhat to do with your FearPsalm 56Download
12/18/2011Dr. Iain DuguidThe Promised Unrecognized KingMatthew 2Download
12/11/2011Rev. Matt HarmonFrom Failure to FavorIsaiah 49:1-13Download
12/4/2011Dr. Iain DuguidBetter Than We DeserveGenesis 46:28-47:27Download
11/27/2011Rev. Matt HarmonPromises KeptGenesis 45:16-46:27Download
11/20/2011Dr. Iain DuguidReconciled at LastGenesis 44:1-45:15Download
11/13/2011Dr. Iain DuguidMaking PeaceGenesis 43Download
11/6/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferJesus, Our Great High PriestHebrews 5:1-10Download
10/30/2011Rev. Matt HarmonOvercoming EstrangementGenesis 42Download
10/23/2011Dr. Iain DuguidBearing Fruit in the Land of My AfflictionGenesis 41Download
10/2/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferConfidence to Draw Near to the Throne of GraceHebrews 4:14-16Download
9/25/2011Dr. Iain DuguidGod's Wonderful PlanGenesis 39Download
9/18/2011Rev. Matt HarmonHope for Sinner-VictimsGenesis 38Download
9/11/2011Dr. Iain DuguidShattered DreamsGenesis 37:12-36Download
9/4/2011Dr. Iain DuguidHope for Dysfunctional FamiliesGenesis 37:1-11Download
8/28/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferA True rest for the People of GodHebrews 4:1-14Download
8/21/2011Dr. Iain DuguidLearning From WonderwomanProverbs 31Download
8/14/2011Dr. Iain DuguidDealing with SluggardsProverbs 6:6-12 Download
8/7/2011Rev. Matt HarmonBlessingsPsalm 128Download
7/31/2011Rev. Stephen LewisTreasure in the PalaceIsaiah 39:1-8Download
7/24/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferKeeping Your Confidence in Christ AloneHebrews 3:7-19Download
7/17/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferJesus is Better than MosesHebrews 3:1-6Download
7/10/2011Dr. Iain DuguidJust say "Baa!": the Biblical Dynamics of Life ChangeProverbs 26:11Download
7/3/2011Dr. Iain DuguidHope Deferred and FulfilledProverbs 13:12Download
6/26/2011Dr. Iain DuguidThe Search for WisdomProverbs 2Download
6/19/2011Dr. Iain DuguidSkillful LivingProverbs 1:1-7Download
6/12/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferA Great and Merciful High PriestHebrews 2:10-18Download
6/5/2011Dr. Iain DuguidBack to BethelGenesis 35Download
5/22/2011Rev. Derek BatesWill I Be Your Neighbor?Luke 10:25-37Download
5/15/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferThe Exaltation of ChristHebrews 1:1-14Download
5/1/2011Dr. Iain DuguidOut of the Frying PanGenesis 33Download
4/24/2011Dr. Iain DuguidEvidence That Demands a Response1 Corinthians 15Download
4/17/2011Dr. Iain DuguidIs This Your King?Matthew 21Download
4/10/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferThe Excellency of the SonHebrews 1:1-14Download
4/3/2011Dr. Iain DuguidThe Great ContenderGenesis 32Download
3/27/2011Dr. Iain DuguidDon't Get Mad, Get EvenGenesis 31Download
3/20/2011Dr. T. David GordonChrist's Attitude to DeathJohn 11:17-37Download
2/27/2011Dr. Iain DuguidJacob Meets His MakerGenesis 28Download
2/20/2011Dr. Iain DuguidWho's to Blame?Genesis 27Download
2/13/2011Dr. Iain DuguidPatriarch II: Son of AbrahamGenesis 26Download
2/6/2011Rev Derek BatesGod Doesn't Need You, He Wants YouLuke 14:7-24Download
1/30/2011Dr. Iain DuguidDeja Vu All Over AgainGenesis 25:19-34Download
1/23/2011Rev. Steve EstesWhy Thank God for His Anger?Isaiah 63:1-6Download
1/16/2011Dr. Iain DuguidGod's New CommunityEphesians 2:18-22Download
1/9/2011Dr. Paul SchaeferSeeing Jesus in All CircumstancesHebrews 2:5-13Download
1/2/2011Dr. Iain DuguidA New Community of PeaceEphesians 2:11-18Download
12/26/2010Mr. James DuguidWaiting for the Light (incomplete)Luke 2:22-35Download
12/19/2010Dr. Iain DuguidCome Thou Unexpected JesusLuke 2:1-21Download
12/12/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Angel's MissionLuke 1:26-38Download
12/5/2010Dr. Iain DuguidSaved By GraceEphesians 2:8-10Download
11/28/2010Dr. Paul SchaeferThe Ministry of Reconciliation2 Corinthians 5:11-21Download
11/14/2010Rev. Derek BatesThe Unpopular Priorities of JesusMark 2:1-11Download
11/7/2010Dr. Iain DuguidHope, riches and powerEphesians 1:18-22Download
10/31/2010Dr. Iain DuguidFaith, Love and KnowledgeEphesians 1:15-18Download
10/24/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Gift of the SpiritEphesians 1:13-14Download
10/17/2010Dr. T David GordonThe Suffering ServantIsaiah 53:1-3Download
9/26/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Mystery of God's WillEphesians 1:11-12Download
9/12/2010Dr. Iain DuguidChildren of God: the Biblical Doctrine of AdoptionEphesians 1:5-6Download
9/5/2010Dr. Iain DuguidChosen by God (whole service)Ephesians 1:3-4Download
8/29/2010Dr. Paul SchaeferShadows and SubstanceColossians 2:14-19 Download
8/22/2010Dr. Iain DuguidStuck in the Muck (poor sound quality - sorry!)Psalm 41Download
8/15/2010Dr. Iain DuguidDeliver Us From EvilJonah 4Download
8/8/2010Dr. Iain DuguidReluctance and repentanceJonah 3Download
8/1/2010Dr. Iain DuguidSalvation is of the Lord (incomplete recording)Jonah 2Download
7/25/2010Dr. Iain DuguidRunning From GodJonah 1Download
7/18/2010Dr. Iain DuguidA Cry for JusticePsalm 28Download
7/11/2010Dr. Iain DuguidVictorious FearPsalm 27Download
6/27/2010Dr. Iain DuguidWho Is This King of Glory?Psalm 24Download
6/20/2010Dr. T. David GordonLove is Kind1 Corinthians 13:1-4Download
6/6/2010Dr. T David GordonLove is Patient1 Corinthians 13:1-4Download
5/30/2010Dr. Iain DuguidLamenting Over Sin With HopePsalm 6Download
5/23/2010Dr. Iain DuguidA Refuge For Rebels Like UsPsalm 5Download
5/16/2010Dr. Iain DuguidFuneral for a FriendGenesis 23Download
5/9/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Lamb That God ProvidesGenesis 22:1-19Download
5/2/2010Dr. T. David GordonGod Preserves His PromiseGenesis 20Download
4/25/2010Dr. Paul SchaeferGrace Amid JudgmentGenesis 19:1-29Download
4/18/2010Dr. Iain DuguidGod's FriendGenesis 18Download
4/11/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Promise RenewedGenesis 17Download
4/4/2010Dr. T. David GordonThe Empty TombMatthew 28:1-10Download
3/28/2010Dr. Iain DuguidPrisoners of HopeZechariah 9:9-17Download
3/21/2010Dr. Iain DuguidFaith StumblingGenesis 16Download
3/14/2010Dr. Iain DuguidLaying Hold of GodGenesis 15Download
3/7/2010Dr. Paul SchaeferRansomed from BondageGenesis 14Download
2/28/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Test of ProsperityGenesis 13Download
2/21/2010Dr. Iain DuguidBelieving the UnbelievableGenesis 12Download
2/14/2010Dr. T. David GordonWounded For Our TransgressionsIsaiah 53:4-6Download
2/7/2010Dr. Iain DuguidThe Preparation of a SaintGenesis 11:27-32Download
1/31/2010Dr. Iain DuguidWorshiping WellIsaiah 6Download
1/24/2010Dr. Iain DuguidMany People, One Body1 Corinthians 12:12-27Download
1/17/2010Dr. Paul SchaeferGrowing Up as God's PeopleEphesians 4:1-16Download
1/10/2010Dr. Iain DuguidAll You Need is Love1 John 3:11-24Download
1/3/2010Dr. Iain DuguidChurch Planting - For Dummies?1 Corinthians 1:18-31Download
12/27/2009Dr. Iain DuguidLooking Forward to a New Year?Ecclesiastes 3Download
12/20/2009Dr. Iain DuguidGrace and TruthJohn 1:1-18Download
12/13/2009Dr. Iain DuguidA Christmas Present to the WorldIsaiah 9:1-7Download
12/6/2009Dr. Iain DuguidHear the Good NewsActs 28Download
11/29/2009Dr. Iain DuguidSafe Through the StormActs 27Download
11/15/2009Dr. Iain DuguidGuilty as Charged?Acts 24Download
11/8/2009Dr. T. David GordonTestifying About ChristActs 22:30-23:11Download
11/1/2009Dr. Iain DuguidDefending the LionActs 21:37-22:29Download
10/25/2009Dr. Iain DuguidSuffering with Our SaviorActs 21:27-36Download
10/18/2009Dr. Iain DuguidPaul's New Perspective on the LawActs 21:17-26Download
10/11/2009Dr. Paul SchaeferGoing to JerusalemActs 21:1-16Download
10/4/2009Dr. Iain DuguidLast WordsActs 20:14-38Download
9/27/2009Dr. Iain DuguidAt Home on the Range: EncouragementActs 20:1-12Download
9/20/2009Dr.Paul SchaeferThe Riot in EphesusActs 19:21-41Download
9/13/2009Dr. Iain DuguidJesus the BaptistActs 19:1-10Download
8/16/2009Dr. Iain DuguidChosen by GodPsalm 33Download
8/9/2009Dr. Iain DuguidThe Power of Providential Pit-fallPsalm 30Download
8/2/2009Dr. Iain DuguidThe Lord's My Shepherd (partial recording)Psalm 23Download
7/26/2009Dr. Iain DuguidTransforming FoolsPsalm 14Download
7/19/2009Dr. Iain DuguidOur Firm FoundationPsalm 11Download
7/12/2009Dr. Iain DuguidResponding to EvilPsalm 137Download
7/5/2009Dr. Iain DuguidSweeter Than HoneyPsalm 19Download
6/14/2009Dr. T. David GordonWhat Is Man?Psalm 8Download
6/7/2009Dr. Iain DuguidEncouragement for the DowncastPsalm 126Download
5/24/2009Rev Tim GeigerReal ContentmentPhilippians 4:1-13Download
5/17/2009Dr. Iain DuguidCommending the GospelActs 17:16-34Download
5/10/2009Dr. T. David GordonThe Scriptures Principally Teach ChristActs 17:1-15Download
5/3/2009Dr. Paul SchaeferProvidenceActs 16:11-40Download
4/26/2009Dr. Iain DuguidBreaking Up Is Easy to DoActs 15:36-16:10 Download
4/19/2009Dr. Iain DuguidDoes Circumcision Put You a Cut Above?Acts 15:1-35Download
4/12/2009Dr. Iain DuguidA Crowd of WitnessesJohn 20Download
3/29/2009Dr. T. David GordonThe Word of the Lord Spread ThroughoutActs 13:13-52Download
3/22/2009Dr. Iain DuguidHearing God's Call to MissionActs 13:1-12Download
3/15/2009Dr. Iain DuguidTouched by an Angel (Twice)Acts 12Download
3/8/2009Rev. Tim GeigerThe Worst of Times, The Best of TimesActs 11:19-30Download
3/1/2009Dr. Iain DuguidThe Progress of the GospelActs 10:44-11:18Download
2/15/2009Dr. Iain DuguidThe Gospel Ground of True AcceptanceActs 10:1-43Download
2/8/2009Dr. Iain DuguidOutcasts, MVP's and the Coming of the KingdomActs 9:32-43Download
2/1/2009Dr. Iain DuguidAn Unusual Instrument in the Hands of an Amazing GodActs 9:1-31Download
1/25/2009Dr. Iain DuguidAn Open Doorway to GodActs 8:26-40Download
1/18/2009Dr. T. David GordonThe Father's Gift to the SonJohn 6:35-40Download
1/11/2009Dr. Paul SchaeferBorder CrossingActs 8:1-25Download
1/4/2009Dr. Iain DuguidPreaching to the DeafActs 6:8-7:60Download
12/21/2008Dr. Iain DuguidComfort My PeopleIsaiah 40Download
12/14/2008Dr. Iain DuguidThe Promise of ImmanuelIsaiah 7Download
12/7/2008Dr. T. David GordonMinistry of Reconciliation2 Corinthians 5:16-21Download
11/30/2008Dr. Iain DuguidOrganizing Outrageous GraceActs 6:1-7Download
11/16/2008Dr. Iain DuguidDon't Get Caught Dead in ChurchActs 5:1-16Download
11/9/2008Dr. Paul SchaeferThe Righteousness of GodRomans 3:19-31Download
11/2/2008Dr. Iain DuguidPower Filled PeopleActs 4:1-22Download
10/19/2008Dr. Iain DuguidNew Life, New Lifestyle (Pt 2)Acts 2:42-47Download
10/12/2008Rev. Tim GeigerSpeaking the Truth in Love About Biblical SexualityEphesians 4 Download
10/5/2008Dr. Iain DuguidNew Life, New LifestyleActs 2:42-47Download
9/21/2008Dr. Iain DuguidThe Power ComesActs 2:1-21Download
9/14/2008Dr. Iain DuguidWaiting for GodActs 1:12-26Download
9/7/2008Dr. Iain DuguidMission EarthActs 1:1-11Download
8/24/2008Dr. Iain DuguidSeeing Heaven through Pilgrim's EyesPsalm 48Download
8/10/2008Dr. Iain DuguidLiving Lives of PraisePsalm 24Download

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